Storytelling for Onora

Onora comes from nature and will return to nature.

Al wat sterft zal bloeien (All that dies will blossom) by Toon Hermans

De bomen komen uit de grond (The tries will grow from the ground)
En uit hun stam de twijgen (And from from their trunk the twigs)
En ied'reen vindt het heel gewoon (Everybody thinks this is just a normal thing)
Dat zij weer bladeren krijgen (They will grow leaves)
We zien ze vallen op de grond (We see them falling on the ground)
En dan opnieuw weer groeien (And then will grow again)
Zo heeft de aarde ons geleerd (This is what earth thought us)
Dat ál wat sterft zal bloeien (That all what dies will blossom)

Onora’s coffins are made from biomass. This ecological material 100% organic material like maize.

In this project, I wanted to tell something about Onora and it's target groups. The theme of the animation was "Onora comes from nature and will return to nature, a circle of life, an afterlife." My focus for this project was natural elements and afterlife symbols from nature. Because of that I use fallen leaves and cocoon into a butterfly.